Pilates & Yoga

I discovered Pilates in 2000 and loved it so much that even though at the time I was still a research chemist, I decided to get qualified. I originally got qualified with Michael King at the Pilates Institute in 2003. Moved to Modern Pilates and the wonderful Cherry Baker completing my L3 in 2008. Then onto Pilates Training Solutions to get my L4 in Exercise for management of low back pain and qualify to teach Studio Equipment.

I do love learning so I have attended specialised courses on pre and post natal, SPD, pelvic floor and diastasis recti, knee, hip, shoulder and back, standing Pilates, Pilates and small equipment, postural assessment and many more.

I started my Yoga journey with Physical Yoga in 2007. I attended Freestyle Fitness Yoga in 2008. I do love teaching Yoga it is a complemented exercise to Pilates. While the first is mostly static strength and stretching, the second adds movement and dynamic to my routine.